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How and Why Crystals Heal

Crystals have been used for many thousands of years throughout human evolution for a variety of purposes, and have been mentioned in many historical text all over the word, including the Bible, and over the last decade have really made resurgence in popularity, especially in the New Age Spirituality movement. There are many resources available now with a plethora of information about crystals, and a expanding market of suppliers in attempt to meet this growing demand, but this is also making it increasingly difficult to trust the quality of the information and supply of crystals more than ever! And while this is not what I'm going to be talking directly about today, I thought I might a least say a word of caution about it, cuz let's face it, the world of crystals can get a little confusing sometimes.

I have been a big rock and crystal collector since I was a young child, and have always found these sparkly rocks fascinating, and as I grew older and became interested in the world of magick and spirituality, this fascination grew into a slight obsession. As I studied this topic more and more, and began using them in my daily life, I began to see significant changes, and even my husband who was skeptical about the whole thing, started carrying them in his pocket and has noticed their mystical energies making an impact in his life. Now, I understand that there isn't a lot of research to back up the claims of crystal healing, and I am by no means a scientist, all I can do is speak from my own personal experience and research that resonates with me and my understanding.

According to the Hermetic Law of Vibration nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates- from the largest form of matter down to the tiniest particle- at different levels of vibration. Crystals vibrate at such an extremely high frequency that you almost can't even feel it, unless you are a sensitive enough being and are paying attention. People, animals, and even plants all emit a certain level of vibrational frequency, some low and some high, and this is all relative to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and mood; and all these things have a impact on each other due to the Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect. Now, when a person is in a lower state of vibration it directly effects all aspects of health, some more than others (depending on which Chakra is out of balance, the Aura, etc.), because everything is made up of energy and vibration, and can physically manifest in many areas of our lives.

When it comes to healing ourselves, there are may approaches on can take depending on which aspects of themselves they are trying to heal: if they have they flu, depression or anxiety, a headache, insomnia, or even more serious ailments- they go to the doctor and 9/10 times they are given a medication. Now, I am not here to tell anyone not to go to the doctor or not take their prescription, I have no right or authority to say that, so I'm not. But what I might say, is that any and all ailments can be directly related to a certain vibrational frequency. A man did a study with water and found that if he said "I Love You" to that water the molecules formed beautiful crystals, and if he said "I Hate You" to the water the molecules formed into weird ugly misshaped blobs. Our bodies are 80% water, so what we say, do, think, feel, and feed our bodies will resonate at that frequency- good or bad, and physically manifest within.

Now, when attempting to live a healthy life you have to approach it from many different angles: diet, exercise, meditation, fresh air, sunlight, earthing, etc. When, approaching the thought of incorporating crystals (and other forms of energetic healing) into your wellness lifestyle, you first must understand that crystals are just ONE of the many tools you can use to increase your vibration, and that there are a variety of ways to use these tools in your life. Using crystals to raise your vibration works because the crystal's vibration frequency is so high and constant that when exposed to it for an extended period of time on a regular basis your body will become attuned to it's frequency, thus making certain ailments less likely to manifest because the higher vibration neutralizes the lower vibration.

Science has shown that each color of light (visible and invisible) vibrates at different levels of frequency, and that is why certain colors can effect us in different ways, which is why color therapy is so effective at changing our moods and mental states. The 7 Main Chakras (energy vortexes) of our bodies, are also associated with certain colors. So if we wanted to focus on a particular Chakra, such as the Heart Chakra which is associated with the color green, then placing a green crystal or stone upon that Chakra will be more effective at attuning than say an orange crystal.

Like I said previously, crystals are just one of many tools you can use to improve to quality of your life, but certainly not the only way. In my experience I have found that crystals actually work best when incorporated with other forms of holistic healing, such as: Reiki, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound healing, meditation, yoga, a healthy diet, etc. So, then you may ask "How do I know it's the crystals and not just everything else?", I would say that crystals work on a subtle level, and the longer you are exposed to them the bigger the impact, and if after a while you take them all away, you can feel the difference of them being gone. It's like adding live green plants and sunshine to a room, the mood is higher and the air quality improves, and crystals do the same thing. So just try it and see for yourself.

I have so much more to say on this subject, but I'm going to save the rest for future conversations. I know there is a lot of controversy around the topic, so if you want to share your opinion, please do so in a kind and respectful way, and let's all be open to learning more on this amazing topic, which I love!

In Love and Light, Brightest Blessings, and Namaste!

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