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Amethyst Moonflower


Hello! I'm Amethyst Moonflower, a spiritual entrepreneur, a writer, a artist, a wife, a mother, and a Ominist Cosmic Crystal Starseed Lightworker! (LOL)

I am a Certified Life Coach, Crystal & Reiki Healer, and Ordained Pagan Priestess. It is my purpose to be of service to help others Grow, Heal, and Awaken spiritually and all other aspects of life. it is my goal to inspire other to follow their Dreams and live happy fulfilled lives! 

I've always been a dreamer with visions sometimes bigger than myself, but it is important to me that I continue to do the work, and show up, so that I might inspire others to do the same!

My spiritual practices play a major role in my life and I have seen the massive impact it has on my world. My art and writing has allowed me to express myself and see beauty in surprising places. I am now ready to move into the next phase of my life more inspired and empowered to keep going!

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