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Time To Show Up! Becoming A Spiritual Entrepreneur!

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I've always wanted to work from home, for myself, and be my own boss! I've been creating a business in my head and on scrap notebook paper for YEARS! But I always had a nagging fear of showing up, speaking my truth, and being seen. but I would usually just use excuse after excuse of not being very Tech Savvy or not feeling confident in myself, thinking i wasn't good enough or "who would want to listen to me?". But over time my Big Dream Vision grew bigger than my fears, to the point where i was being suffocated, and finally started to take steps forward. Even though I was terrified of making videos, or making posts, the desire to achieve was stronger.

Of course in the beginning of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a Real business was overwhelming, there was so much i didn't know or understand about running business, especially in the Online world and Social Media, it was difficult trying not to compare myself to all the other successful people out there. But I learned to turn that comparison into Inspiration! I found the Passion in my Purpose and motivated myself to keep learning and to keep trying even when I felt like giving up (which was a lot). I cried so many times, but eventually i would get back up and try again.

I had to learn to wear all the hats, and to never stop learning, never stop creating, never stop going forward, even when it felt impossible. I had to take breaks, and learn self care, and productivity, Mindset mastery, and all the things! But I also learned along my journey that having Faith is the most important part, Faith in God and Faith in Myself! Faith that the Universe is always working in my favor so long as i stay true to my Soul's Purpose!

When the world gets crazy and complicated, being an entrepreneur means you have to adapt, adjust, and innovate, you have to get creative and stay motivated to work you ass off when all your friends want you go out. but if you want something bad enough you will find the time and you will find a way! So, now i put on all my hats everyday and smile, because I know that success is measured by happiness! So follow your Dreams and show up! Shine like a Star and Rock Your Destiny!

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